Actipro Balance

Actipro Balance

The Actipro Balance features pocket springs, individual pocketed springs offering a softer sleep with an emphasis comfort, with no disturbance to sleeping partners.

King Koil Pocketed Coil Comfort Technology offers comfort, firmness and posture support. Each coil is individually wrapped pre-compressed, ultrasonically sealed and held together independently while allowing individual movement in perfect harmony with the body contours and minimizing partner disturbances.

Designed in cooperation with the only chiropractic research organization, the International Chiropractors Association, USA, King Koil posture sleep sets are specially built to address the needs of patients who are experiencing back-related problems due to improper spine support while sleeping.

Using chiro-zone, a scientifically engineered sleeping system seven individual support zones and three firmnesses are incorporated into the comfort layers. This relieves pressure to the essential areas of the body for fatigue recovery.

In addition, the heart of this sleep system is an ultra flexible steel band called “Chiro-Span” to provide added posture support in the vital center third of the mattress.